The Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction Winner 2014

Huge congratulations to Eimear McBride for winning the Bailey’s Prize for Fiction 2014 with her inventive debut, ‘A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing’. A well deserved win for a woman who continued to submit her book for nine years until it found a publisher; if ever writers needed proof that you shouldn’t give up, it’s here. It’s also another fantastic boost for Galley Beggars Press, who took a risk on a book no one else was willing to publish. May we see many more fresh, challenging books from them in the future.

(Click on the book cover to see my review of the novel.)

0 thoughts on “The Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction Winner 2014

    • Hi Jane, As everyone knows I would have loved Americanah to win but I’m thrilled that a book that takes such risks compared to your average novel from such a small but brilliant publisher won. Let’s hope this sees more innovation in publishing.

    • Hi Alice, I’m glad too, I’m glad the judges didn’t play safe and I hope it’s the start of a revolution! I’d love to know what the other book they spent hours arguing about was though…