In the Media: 17th August 2014

In the media is a weekly round-up of features written by, about or containing female writers that have appeared during the previous week and I think are insightful, interesting and/or thought-provoking. Linking to them is not necessarily a sign that I agree with everything that’s said but it’s definitely an indication that they’ve made me think. Also, just a note to make it clear that I’m using the term ‘media’ to include social media, so links to blog posts as well as traditional media are likely.

I’m all about the list this week as I’ve read three excellent ones:

Elsewhere, the Guardian’s been busy with some great pieces/podcasts:

While the best piece I’ve read about books this week comes from the Observer – Rachel Cooke on the rise of bibliomemoirs, focusing particularly on Phyllis Rose who wrote The Shelf: Adventures in Extreme Reading after choosing a shelf in The New York Society Library and reading everything on it.

Have you read/listened to anything interesting that’s not on my list? Let me know in the comments.

0 thoughts on “In the Media: 17th August 2014

  1. Great to see Sarah Hall and Lucy Wood on David’s list of short-story writers, plus a few new names to explore. I need to catch up with the Guardian Edinburgh Book Fest podcasts, always worth a listen.

    • Yes, they’re two ones I really like as well – and there were names I’d never come across before. Always good to discover new writers.

  2. Have been wanting to read that Barbara Kingsolver intro since reading about it on Vishy’s review. Love this update Naomi and look forward to more. I clicked on the last link and think it should read Cooke not Cusk.

    • Thanks, Claire. Oh bugger! You’re right! They’ve both had pieces in The Guardian this last week and although they’re styles are so different I mix their names all the time. Thank you!