My Bailey's Prize Wishlist 2015

You know that spring is almost here when the Bailey’s Prize for Women gets underway. Next Tuesday (10th March) the longlist of 20 novels (if it remains the same as recent years) will be announced. Eligible novels have to be written in English and published by a UK adult imprint between the 1st of April 2014 and the 31st of March 2015. Translations are not eligible.

Here’s what I’d like to see on the list. If you click on the cover, it’ll take you to my review, unless the book is yet to be published, in which case the review will be posted on the week of publication.

As ever, I’ll be shadowing the whole process. Check back on Friday for more details on this.

(Published 26th March)

(Published 26th March)

(Published 5th March)

And three I haven’t read yet but are strong possibilities:

0 thoughts on “My Bailey's Prize Wishlist 2015

  1. Imagine if you guessed every title correctly. That’d be spooky! Will post mine list in a couple days. There will be some overlap. Very much cheering for Smith & Robinson & Barker & Evans. I just got a copy of Sarah Hall’s book and curious about The Well.

    • It’d be amazing and I’d only have three books to read! Sarah Perry seems to be the only commonality between people who’ve done theirs so far, which is interesting. I’ll be astonished if the Sarah Hall isn’t on there. Looking forward to your list.

  2. So interesting reading peoples predictions ! Hope you’re not right as I have only read 4 and will be struggling ! I think All My Puny Sorrows will be on it …..and maybe the Kamila Shamsie !

    • I had a hell of a time the first year I did it when I’d only read four. For some reason, I thought those two were eligible last year. I’m wrong but when I realised that I decided there wasn’t anything on the list I would swap them out for. However, I haven’t read them and will be delighted if they’re on there as they’re in the house, unread (the Shamsie’s on my #TBR20 pile).

      • On review I realised I had read 7 ….and own about 5 of the unread ones so perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad after all …..

  3. I knew you’d have Academy Street on your list! My only other overlap with you is the Sarah Perry. So interesting to see how we all differ in what we hope has grabbed the judges’ attention, and also in our choice of reading – there are quite a few I’ve not read here.

  4. Yes to so many of these (especially Academy Street and Animals). Reading Hausfrau at the moment – only a little way in but so far it’s very, very, very good!

  5. May I also suggest Joanna Scott: de Potter’s Grand Tour and Heather O’Neill: The Girl Who Was Saturday Night

    • You may. The O’Neill is on my TBR and the other I hadn’t come across. However, neither are eligible for the prize. The O’Neill was first published in the UK in January 2014 and the Scott is published by FSG who are American. It doesn’t appear to have a UK publisher as yet.

        • If you check my long list post there is a public apology to you on it. The date of publication I had for it was January 2014 and was obviously wrong. Sorry.

  6. So many of these are on my “to be read” list. I’ve read “House of Ashes” but didn’t find it engaging. “After Me Comes the Flood” is in my top five for book of 2015. Loved it! Can’t wait to see how your list reflects the end result.

    • That’s interesting – House of Ashes was my favourite 2014 published novel last year! After Me Comes the Flood appears to be the only common denominator amongst all the lists I’ve seen so far.

  7. It’s very interesting to see your wishlist, Naomi. (The speculation is half the fun, isn’t it?). I loved How to be Both. Mary Costello’s Academy Street is in my to-read pile – Costello’s prose style sounds right up my street.

    • Yes, I like speculating. I get anxious waiting for the real list though – isn’t that weird? I feel quite heavily invested in the whole thing; it’s such an important prize for female writers – life changing for some, I would think.

      I’m really looking forward to reading How to Be Both, it’s one of two books on my list that I would bet my right arm will be on the real thing!

      You will love Academy Street, I think. It’s a ‘quiet’ book with an entire life contained in it; it’s really impressive.

  8. Argh! My tbr list is now out of control! I’ve only read Academy Street and A Song for Issy Bradley from your list (loved them both) and I really fancy reading Haus Frau soon but there’s too many books, too little time!

  9. I love reading these lists. I usually don’t have the patience to check the date of publication, so I’ll just read what everyone else picks. It really gets me in the mood for the prize.

  10. It looks like we share seven predictions (my list posts tomorrow!) I am really excited about this year’s list. There are so many titles I think could and should be nominated. Very excited to see the actual list Monday!

  11. I’ve just read The Well, by Catherine Chanter, to review in Shiny New Books, and really, really enjoyed it. I’m also right in the middle of The Wolf Border (also for a review, in Quadrapheme this time) and am absolutely in love with Sarah Hall. What a pro. AND have heard great things about Hausfrau from another Quadrapheme reviewer. This looks like an ideal Bailey’s longlist! I wonder if the panel’s taste will be as good as yours.

    • I look forward to reading your reviews. Sarah Hall’s an amazing writer, isn’t she? I love her work.

      Aw, that’s very kind of you. Thank you!

  12. How to be Both is completely brilliant – you are in for such a treat! Pleased to Celeste Ng on here because it’s one of my TBR20 books. I really loved Roxane Gay’s essays in ‘Bad Feminist’ so I’d be fascinated to read her fiction. My TBRafterTBR20 list is getting very long!

    • I’m so looking forward to reading How to Be Both (I’m assuming it’s going to make the list). The Ng’s very good and much as I enjoy Gay’s essays, An Untamed State is in a different league. So much to look forward to when you finish TBR20 (I swear it’s an excuse for a binge when you finish it!)