The White Review Short Story Prize 2016

A rare personal post from me but as it’s about writing and I’m a woman, I figure I’m allowed this one.

My short story, ‘Role Play‘ has made the shortlist for The White Review Short Story Prize 2016. I’m completely thrilled. If you follow the link you can read it on the site. (Typing that makes me both excited and very nervous!)

0 thoughts on “The White Review Short Story Prize 2016

  1. Oh well done and good luck! Under the circumstances I think it’s perfectly warranted for you to bring it up!

  2. I follow you on Writes of Woman and as a g’ma of 73 I love your short story, just read it !!

  3. You most certainly are allowed. Huge congratulations. And to think I never wanted children and ended up with five! I have no limbs, hair, eyelids, ears or patience left. If only I’d read this 35 years ago!

  4. First of all, congratulations! I love your story. Your powerful evocations of both the sacrifice of women and that state of rawness that I can certainly relate to, are so visceral. Absolutely dazzling!

  5. Congratulations Naomi. As a mother of two teenagers I can certainly relate to your short story. You certainly give up large parts of yourself but I hadn’t thought of it quite like you have portrayed it.