The Baileys’ Women’s Prize for Fiction Shadow Panel Shortlist

After four weeks of reading and discussion, our shadow panel have decided upon the following shortlist. Like the official judges, we will be re-reading our choices and deciding upon a winner at the beginning of June. The official shortlist is announced this evening; we’re looking forward to seeing how it compares.

If you click the covers of the novels, they will take you to my reviews.







0 thoughts on “The Baileys’ Women’s Prize for Fiction Shadow Panel Shortlist

  1. I’ve only read Green Road from your shortlist (which I loved). Must admit, I’m crossing #ALLTHETHINGS that Aussie Shirley Barrett gets a spot on the official list with Rush Oh!.

    • Complete split on the panel over Rush Oh! Some loved the voice, some didn’t like it at all. I think it’s a pretty strong longlist this year so it’ll be interesting to see what the judges have gone for.

      • Agree that it is a strong longlist – I reckon it’s one of the strongest in years.

        Can see why Rush Oh! divided judges. I’m always more excited by books that people either give five stars or one star to, as opposed to an ‘average three’ – always more exciting to polarise opinion!

  2. Can’t wait to see how your Shadow six compare with the chosen six this evening – I am hoping they include Strout’s My Name is Lucy Barton – never managed to read the longlist but hoping to at least read the shortlist thus year before winner is announced in June.

  3. It’s interesting to speculate like this. I hope Anne Enright’s The Green Road makes it. I’m about to read Ruby and just looking forward to a manageable set of novels to add to my tbr. Thanks for this. Caroline

    • Oooh, we’re not speculating – risky business and, personally, I’m never right! These are just the books that we enjoyed the most/thought worthy of inclusion. It’ll be interesting to see the list the judges come up with.

  4. The Secret Chord was special too, am the pro Rush Oh! camp too
    Thought it was a very strong list. Really hoping for The Book of Memory – so original

  5. Oh, I’m so excited for the official announcement! Also, if yours is right, I’ll only have to read one (The Green Road, which I’ve so far ignored)! I would love to see Chambers on the shortlist. Atkinson is probably a foregone conclusion. And I’m reading McInerney right now and really loving it.

    • I’d be very surprised if the two lists are the same! I think we had four titles in common last year. The McInerney is brilliant, I’ll be very upset if its not on the official shortlist (see Sandra Newman last year).

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  7. I read 9 on longlist and am so happy to see 4 are on the shortlist. Still now need to read ALL and GH. I’m actually pulling for Veblen as I found the story and narrative to be fresh. Loved the Green Road too. Both books I still think about weeks later. What more can I ask of a book. IOL? Hmm. Fun story but the writing was a little meh.

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