The Writes of Woman 2.0

Hello! Welcome to the updated, upgraded The Writes of Woman.

What’s new? Well, apart from the technical stuff (which I won’t bore you with), today sees the start of a new feature, The Writes of Woman Interviews… in which I interview a writer alongside a feature review of their work. The feature will appear every Wednesday and the video, yes video, will be on my new YouTube channel, also conveniently titled The Writes of Woman. The first one is up today with debut author Olivia Sudjic. I’m very keen that this feature is representative of all women writers – I’ve tried to ensure that this blog is intersectional for several years now – so expect a wide range of writers on this feature.

The blog now has its own Instagram feed also imaginatively titled thewritesofwoman. If you want to keep up with the books arriving in the post, what I’m reading and who I’m interviewing, you’ll see it all on there.

And you might notice I have some fabulous new headers and logos. These were all designed by Jess Yates, who’s a BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate from Sheffield Hallam University. If you like her work, she’s available for commissions. You can contact her on @jessyatesdesign (all social media accounts) or via

I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

4 thoughts on “The Writes of Woman 2.0

  1. Naomi, this is fabulous! I am in complete awe of everything you do on your inspiring blog – and now even more… thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to checking out all the new features and video interviews.

    • Thanks, Annabel. I’m thrilled you like it. Hope you’ll enjoy the writers I have lined up.

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