In the Media, January 2017

In the media is a fortnightly round-up of features written by, about or containing female writers that have appeared during the previous fortnight and I think are insightful, interesting and/or thought provoking. Linking to them is not necessarily a sign that I agree with everything that’s said but it’s definitely an indication that they’ve made me think. I’m using the term ‘media’ to include social media, so links to blog posts as well as as traditional media are likely and the categories used are a guide, not definitives.


Image by Abigail Grey Swartz

Where is there to start other than with articles about the new American regime?

On the Women’s March:

On Melania:


On American society under Trump:

On Trump:


The best of the rest:

On or about books/writers/language:


Personal essays/memoir:




Society and Politics:

Film, Television, Music, Art, Fashion and Sport:


The interviews/profiles:


The regular columnists:

4 thoughts on “In the Media, January 2017

  1. At a time it’s often so difficult to view/read/listen to the media without becoming utterly despondent, disgusted, downright angry but knowing it is ever more essential that we do not turn away, stay aware, support, speak up, I find this feature such an invaluable resource to find what I want to know, need to know but in a far more productive ‘filtered’ forum … and for that I am very grateful for the effort you put into producing it. X

    • Thank you. I held off doing it last weekend as I wanted to gather reaction to the Women’s March. Wouldn’t have if I’d known the Western world was going to eat itself in the following seven days.

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