13 thoughts on “Interview with Jessie Greengrass + Giveaway

  1. I would love, please, to be included in the draw for a copy of Jessie’s book. There is an inspiring, modest thoughtfulness in what she says of her creative process and how it navigates the human condition – I particularly enjoyed reading about it on the day Larkin is to lay rightful claim to a space in Poets’ Corner. Gives one hope!

  2. These write-ups are like a masterclass every time: ” Is there a point where you begin to notice your preoccupations and use them to your advantage?” So incisive I never read them without my notebook close by, brilliant, thank you!

  3. I put this at the very top of my TBR and wishlist. Thank you Jessie for your thoughtful work and interview.

  4. I loved this interview – and looking forward greatly to reading this…I have it on order from the library along with many of the books you blog about …I
    This particular short story collection brings to mind Kirsty Gunn ‘s collection Infidelities.
    Thank you I continue to be intrigued day by day by day and thank you fellow commentators!

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